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Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and a huge congratulations on your forth coming wedding. 

If you want two lead photographers who like to be unobtrusive and document your special day naturally as it unfolds while not missing a moment then your in the right place!

One amazing element of having two of us, is that we can be in two different locations at the same time, capturing all of those magical moments during the morning preparations for both bride(s) and Groom(s) is extra special. No one gets left out on our watch! 

We're a creative Fiancée & Fiancé team based in Coventry. We've been together for 19 years, and are proud parents to our two beautiful daughters,  Ayana & Amira. The name 'Miriyana', is a blend of both of their names. 

With a background in Art & Design and a family full of Artists, we love the fact that we get to express our creativity by telling your beautiful love stories through the visual medium of photography. 

Our style...

We each have our own unique style...but in a nutshell, together we create a fusion of creative, romantic, photojournalistic wedding photography. 

Quick facts about us text.jpg 3Quick facts about us text.jpg 3 Chantelle’s likes ~  

To completely cram her camera bag with literally everything she or her brides and bridesmaids may need on the day, like deodorant, hair grips, safety pins,
chewing gum, eyelash glue, fans, spare pair of tights, lipsticks, snacks, socks, there is not enough space to list all of the content LOL

FILMS: Harry Potter, Disney and marvel Nathan & Natashas front of their cardNathan & Natashas front of their card

TV: Netflix documentaries

FOOD: Spag bol & chocolate!

MUSIC: Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley & Disney instrumentals

HOBBIES: Going to comedy clubs, drawing, painting, filofax planning & writing to do lists

DRINKS: Tea & Star Bucks strawberry frap


Nefas’s likes ~ 

To help any Groomsmen who don't know how to iron their shirts in the morning when the ladies are not around. This has happened once, but he has this skill up his sleeve when and if needed.

FILMS: Marvel & Action

TV: Football

FOOD: Rib-eye Steak

MUSIC: Old skool R&B

HOBBIES: Fitness, gym enthusiast, reading a good book

DRINKS: Latte’s & Star Bucks strawberry frap!

ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Courvoisier Brandy

We would love to hear all about your wedding plans! Drop us an email and book a free no obligation consultation today.  

Chantelle & Nefas x