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When will our pictures be ready after our wedding?
We tend to say between 2-4 months as an average. Its difficult to give a more precise time as some months are more busy with weddings than others.


When is our final payment due?
Your final balance is due 90 days prior to your wedding day. We accept bank transfers or you can pay cash.


Will we see you again before our wedding day?
Yes most definitely!  We always like to have another catch up with you before your big day via Teams. During this meeting you can inform us of any last minute changes and we can finalise the official timings of your day.  There is no need to contact us to arrange this meeting, we will get in touch with you a few weeks before your special day to book you in.


Do we need to feed you on the day?
It is not a contracted requirement , however If you feel you would like to feed us, we would certainly appreciate a hot meal on the day.  If not, we will go and source our own 
meal on site if possible or we’ll locate the nearest maccies. We normally sit in the lounge and have our break at the same time as your wedding breakfast is being served. 


How many pictures will we have in total?
Every wedding is unique therefore it is quite impossible to give an exact number however you will have a minimum of 400 pictures for a half day package and a minimum 
of 700 pictures for a full day package. 


Can we give you a list of pictures we would like?
Unfortunately we do not work from lists, as they can stunt our creative flow and spontaneous way of shooting.  However, please feel free to write a small list for your small formal grouped photo’s. Please give this list to the person you feel would be the most confident at helping to gather friends and family from both sides for these grouped pictures. If you don’t want to spend alot of time posing for these staged pictures it’s best to keep your list to a maximum of 7 formal pictures. From our experience the smaller the list the fresher you will feel when we take you to have your pictures together as Newly weds.


How would you describe your style?
We’re visual story tellers and like to document your wedding day as it naturally unfolds. Our style is very candid. We tend to appeal to couples who want relaxed yet beautiful photo’s that document a true reflection of their special day.  The only time we tend to direct a photograph is during your formal pictures and posed portraits. Other than that we aim to be as unobtrusive as possible for most of the day. 


When do we get our USB?
When your wedding pictures have been released to you, we will attach our usb range to the same email and add instructions as to how to order it with your 10 x 8 Aluminium picture. 


Can you explain more about our online gallery?
When your wedding pictures are ready, we will send you an email with a linkand instructions to a private online gallery which will contain your wedding photos. This gallery is accessed via our website through the ‘Client area’ using an access code first, then your chosen password. Your gallery will have a download and slideshow facility. This will come in handy if you have any guests who live abroad. Your gallery is also private  and you will have full control as to who you give your password out to.


Can some of our pictures be in black & white?
Yes. We change some pictures into black and white where we feel the image would suit this classical look. These images will be included in your gallery along with the original image in colour for you to view. If there is an image that you would like in black & white that hasn't been done, please get in touch.


Can we order an album after our wedding?
Yes you can order an album up to 12 months after your wedding pictures have been released to you. Please email us to request our latest wedding album pricelist. Once you make payment we then start the ordering and designing process. This is mostly done via email to start with.



How many pictures can we have in our wedding album?
You can choose 100 images for our 60 page albums. We also use some of your other wedding pictures to decorate the backgrounds on some of the pages. 


Do you supply Parent Albums?
Yes we offer Parent album’s and mini books to accompany your main Wedding album. These products must be ordered at the same time as your main album during your album design consultation.